Benefits of acquiring pixels in Thousand Opportunities

March 24, 2018 pixeladmin No comments exist

Buying your pixels in brings many benefits to your brand.

The site allows you to advertise your product, service or whatever you want at very low cost. For the low value of USD 0.10 per pixel and paying only once, you will have your space online for the next 5 years! until the year 2023.

The site is open to people from anywhere in the world and who wish to advertise what they want (services, products, other websites, social network profiles, etc.).

Once you have acquired your space, you can divide it to your liking. For example, if you buy 1,000 pixels and want to advertise several different services, you can divide that number of pixels and dedicate it to different ads and even choose the desired locations for each of them.

ThousandOpportunities allows you to obtain links to your websites to attract potential visitors and add authority to your sites.

Thanks to Thousand Opportunities is a website born of a curious and out of the ordinary idea, many people and mass media are interested in visiting it, getting directly to your advertising.

The number of pixels is limited. Obtaining your space on the site allows you to be part of the select group and to place your company, product or service in a varied ad marquee that will remain for posterity as a valuable piece of the Internet of our time.



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