Frequently Asked Questions

How does the idea born?

The idea original was created by Alex Tew, in August 2005. It was to sell the pixels in a grid, so that the buyers there placed an advertising link to your particular web site. It was formed it by 1 million pixels, which were sold for a value of $1 per pixel.

Why you do a remake of that idea?

Today, in 2018, has passed more than one decade of that idea.
Therefore, that we decided to take the idea, giving life, use their principles, add our touch, and simply do something different from the ordinary.
In the last decade have passed millions of things, have appeared new corporations, new web sites, the number of people connected to the network it is vastly greater, and the way in which has changed the communication via the internet is huge.
That is why ThousandOpportunities.net, brings you a new opportunity to participate in this idea curious and much potential.
We are determined to put together the most varied Internet ads marquee, allowing you to also join the new corporations and new users that have emerged in recent years.

Who are you?

My name is Miguel, currently I divide my life between work and College. In addition, in my free time, I am working on several projects for the internet, and some innovative ideas that will see the light the next few months. Some projects, we are carrying out jointly by several individuals.

Why I should buy your píxels?

The original idea was very successful and received millions of hits. Today, in 2018, with more advertisers and more users on the network, the possibilities are increased even more.
You will enjoy your space contracted for 5 years! Also you will be participating in an idea original and different from traditional advertising, and his announcement will be part of more varied ads showcase that exists on the internet.
If that wasn’t enough, comparing with the original idea… you will get more pixels for less price!

What is the time of life of the Site?

The life time of Thousand Opportunities is insured for 5 years at a minimum, until March 14th, of the year 2023.

Who can to participate?

Any person anywhere in the world can participate. From individuals who want to promote your blog, business, or website; To large corporations.
The texts and/or adverts you wish to place can be in any language. Even though the price is handled in U.S. dollars by choosing a currency of global reach, you can make the payment through Paypal with any of the currencies which it operates.

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