How was the idea born?

November 25, 2017 pixeladmin No comments exist

In 2005, a boy from the United Kingdom named Alex Tew created a website to sell its pixels. In almost 5 months he managed to fill the panel of 1 million pixels selling the space at 1 dollar per pixel.
The idea was very curious and attracted the visit of millions of Internet users, and companies or people were able to place their ad on the website. managed to resuscitate the idea and provides a new opportunity to be part of a new story on the internet.
12 years ago, many companies did not exist and people who would have liked to advertise had no knowledge of the Tew website. Today, with ThousandOpportunities you will have the possibility to acquire pixels and place your image in a space that will be filled little by little and will be seen by millions of people.

One of the main advantages of Thousand Opportunities is its very low price, since the value of the pixel is lower than in 2005. At only USD $ 0.10.

It is a unique opportunity to place your ad on a one-time paid site that will stay online for at least 5 years!


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